Internal plug-in name: drill-3.5.6

Getting started
Open Eclipse, go to Marketplace, search for screwdriver (it is classified as a tool). Install it. So it will appear an item in main menu:

and a little icon. Finally, click on it: a new project is going to appear.
One purpose,
installing  Screwdriver application
Screwdriver is our application, but its internal name is Drill. Drill is a plug-in for "Eclipse IDE Enterprise Java Developers" and allows a user to download and install the Screwdriver application in his IDE, ready to generate new web apps. Our necessary material is divided into two directories: goods_A and goods_B.
     • goods_A contains variable data as the Eclipse versions vary;
     • non-variable goods_B, including all .java files in the Screwdriver application.
This plug-in acquires the version number of Eclipse and the path of the workspace, and on the basis of this data it creates a new Java-Maven project: screwdriver-n.n.n.
It was developed in Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers, the produced jar file is
Its source code is available inside this jar.
Javadoc is
available here.