Class SpindleHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.eclipse.core.commands.IHandler, org.eclipse.core.commands.IHandler2

public final class SpindleHandler
extends org.eclipse.core.commands.AbstractHandler

Creation date: 2020-03-09
Last updated: 2020-09-14
Company: Rameceraâ„¢

Massimo Maglioni

Description: the plug-in action, main method is execute.

All source code is contained inside the plug-in, divided in the two directories good_A and goods_B. These directories are in turn divided into the two screwdriver and waxds-copper applications. All the source code will be copied to the final user's workspace. First of all, if they were already present locally,

  • I delete good_A and goods_B;
  • I create a new Eclipse project screwdriver inside the workspace, not yet visible in the IDE;
  • I extract good_A and goods_B from plug-in, which is actually a zip file, and I copy the content of subdirectory screwdriver temporarily within the workspace, only for verify that all files are available;
  • I copy them in the correct position within the new project screwdriver;
  • I make the new screwdriver project visible.
  • I delete the temporary copies;
Finally, I repeat the steps from 2 to 5 for the waxds-copper application.

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    java.lang.Object execute​(org.eclipse.core.commands.ExecutionEvent event)
    Creation date: 2020-03-09
    Last updated: 2020-09-14
    Class: SpindleHandler

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      public final java.lang.Object execute​(org.eclipse.core.commands.ExecutionEvent event) throws org.eclipse.core.commands.ExecutionException

      Creation date: 2020-03-09
      Last updated: 2020-09-14
      Class: SpindleHandler

      The description of N# is in project plan report.
      2020-09-14 implementation of N16

      Description: business logic of the plug-in drill.